At TGC’s Goalie School, we offer a variety of programs to fit your needs and skill level. Our programs feature unique training levels (Fundamental, Situational, Verge, Prodigy, Junior/College/Pro) that are only available through TGC. To learn about these training levels before making a decision on your camp selection, click here.

To sign up for a camp or session, scroll down and click on the “sign up” button next to your camp of choice! Hurry, don’t miss your opportunity! At TGC we keep our Goalie to Station ratios low which means these camps can sell out!

What to expect at our Camps

  • 3 hours of on-ice daily instruction
  • 1-1 video instruction
  • Daily evaluations
  • TGC workbooks
  • Classroom theory sessions
  • Goaltender specific dryland program
  • Pro Yoga instruction (when available)*
    *Boarding Camps Only

Goalie to Station Ratios offered:

  • 3-1 Standard Ratio :: 1/3 of time in net
  • 2-1 Dedicated Ratio :: 1/2 the time in net
  • 1-1 Ratio :: Intense & Challenging

Our Boarding Camps have seen goalies from all over the world attend!

The Goalie Club Video Share

The Goalie Club is now offering daily video of your Goalie while at TGC camps! This TGC Video Share will feature up to 3 minutes a day of your Goalie doing drill work at our video station. An unedited version of the video will be emailed for your own personal use to review and watch time and time again.

The cost of this service is $75 for the camp.

ADD THIS OPTION TO YOUR CAMP                                                                                                                                        

2022 Summer Camps

2022 Goalie Camp

SSM Ice Arena                                                                                                                                      

2022 Mankato Goalie Camp

All Seasons Arena                                                                                                                                  

Eagan Minnesota Goalie Camp

Eagan Civic Center                                                                                                                                  

Day Campers: Please be sure to bring a bag lunch! Camps typically run from 9am-3pm. Official schedule will be sent to you with your registration package. 
 Half day of on-ice shooting $175. Add $100 for Full Day.

A 50% deposit is required at the time of registration. The balance is due 30 days prior to your camp start date. Any cancellation will be refunded, minus a $75.00 cancellation fee. Registration may be completed and sent in via US Mail by clicking here, printing the form and sending in the completed copy with your payment.

Q Boarding Camp Overview

7:00am: Wake Up
7:30am: Breakfast
8:30am: On-Ice Verge / Dryland Prodigy
10:15am: On-Ice Prodigy / Dryland Verge
12:00pm: Lunch
1:30pm: On-Ice Verge / Classroom
3:15pm: On-Ice Prodigy / Classroom
5:00pm: Dinner
6:00pm: Dorm Room Rest
7:00pm: Group Activity
9:00pm: Dorm Rest (drinks & snacks)
10:00pm: Lights Out

Check-in will take place at 5pm on Sunday and will be followed by dinner and 1 hour of conditioning and movement. Must be Peewee/Bantam age or higher.

*Optional Airport transportation available to and from MSP International Airport.

Q About Us

About Our Goalie Training Program

We Develop The Complete Goaltender
The Goalie Club Goalie TrainingThe Goalie Club Goalie School was founded in 2002 by Des Christopher and Craig Lindsay, experienced goaltender coaches seeking a camp which continuously changed and adapted with the latest goaltending styles and techniques.

The Goalie Club was created for the purpose of helping goaltenders of all ages learn the latest goaltending theories and then implement it into their game.

The Goalie Club is a school built on the principle that to be a successful goaltender, a goalie must understand the game. By teaching goaltenders the why as well as the how of each technique, goaltenders become more confident in their technical game as they progress in their strategic game.

This Total Goalie Concept has guided two TGC members into the NHL, one TGC member onto a US National Team, four TGC members into minor professional hockey and numerous more into the college ranks.

When you train with TGC, you have Coach Des as a great resource to learn about how to make the jump to the next step of your goaltending career. Through Des' experience and network of TGC alumni and their paths to elite hockey levels, Coach Des can work with you on improving your game and achieving your goal of making it to next level and expand your network in the hockey world.

Q TGC Goalie Training Levels

The Fundamental Level is designed specifically for younger goaltenders (1-3 years) and goaltenders that have not had a lot of goalie coaching. The goal of the program is to provide goaltenders with a solid set of fundamentals so they are able to make the correct movements in the crease and place themselves in the best position to select the best save technique for the play in motion.

The Fundamental Level has a strong focus on skating, stationary saves, saves in motion, positioning, balance, rebound control, recovery technique, breakaways and angle theory. Upon graduating from the Fundamental Program a goaltender will know the fundamentals of each skating and save technique, common bad habits that goaltenders fall into, as well as when to use the various skating methods, save techniques and recovery styles.

The Situational Level is designed specifically for goaltenders with solid fundamentals (4+ years). This program involves classroom discussion about the latest goaltender theories, styles and techniques successfully used by NHL goalies. Each goaltender experiments with these styles and techniques to find the ones that suit them best. Trough this program goaltenders can assimilate these techniques into their personal style using game situations to make it a natural part of their game.

The goal of the Situational Level is to refine a goaltenders on-ice style, help them know why they are using a specific technique in different game situations, and the various options they have in each save situation. Goaltenders completing the Situational Program will be more refined goaltenders, smarter about their position play, better able to analyze their playing style and the playing style of other goaltenders, and use this information to evolve their game.

The Verge Level is designed specifically for goaltenders who have mastered the fundamental and situational programs and demonstrate an intense enthusiasm for training (A / AA / AAA / Travel). This program mirrors the situational program in training, however it raises the bar on speed, performance, execution and expectation. While goaltenders work on improving their technical execution, they begin to journey to master mental control.

The goal of the Verge Level is to begin preparing goaltenders for both the physical play and mental play required for the next level. This preparation requires solid fundamentals, situational mastery, mental control and a quest for knowledge. TGC blends together an understanding of the journey, building intensity while having fun, honing the mental alert system, and managing off-ice demands to create this unique program. 2:1 and 1:1 ratios offered. Must be Peewee/Bantam age goaltenders.

verge ... one transitioning to a higher level of capability

The Prodigy Level is specifically designed to help goaltenders at the Midget, High School and Junior levels make the next step. This program features game situation drills from top-notch shooters to force goaltenders to work on their speed, agility and reaction time. Intensity is the signature of our Prodigy Camp. Goaltenders enrolling in this program are expected to conduct an off-ice workout program during the summer so they arrive at the camp in top condition to perform.

Goaltenders completing the Prodigy Level will know the current trends of NHL goaltenders, the difference between Blocking and Reacting styles and when to use each, their predominant style of play and the NHL goaltender that they most closely model their game after. This program blends a focus on athleticism and aggressiveness with both the blocking and reaction styles to groom the total goalie. 2:1 and 1:1 ratios offered.

prodigy ... a person having extraordinary talent or ability

Junior / College / Pro
TGC wanted to find away to continue to support and work with our goaltenders who have come up through our Fundamental, Situational, Verge and Prodigy Programs. Many of our Prodigy Program Alums have elevated their game to the next level, so TGC has developed a new program targeting our elite goaltenders. This high Intensity program is open to all goalies playing junior, college or professional hockey and will feature top-end shooters, who are also playing at the junior, college, and professional levels. These shooters will be working to improve their own game and will test your skills with every shot in every drill. In the month prior to the camp, each goalie will fill out a strength and weakness sheet and submit it to Coach Des. TGC will then tailor the ice sessions to each goaltender’s specific individual needs. Each goalie will be tested and pushed everyday. We will, as always, put a strong emphasis on paying attention to detail. As up and coming elite level goaltenders, we all know how important it is to focus on the little things; like closing up tight, watching the puck all the way in and controlling rebounds. By the end of the week, we expect our goaltenders to control every shot that is on the ice with the stick, putting rebounds into safe zones. Not only are the goalies who are playing and training at this level intense, focused, and driven, but the players are too. Every chance we get to improve on the most minor detail can turn into one more save for and one less goal against. This will be an on-ice only program with 3 hours of ice per day and offers a Goalie to Station ratio of 2:1 and 1:1.

Q Coaching Staff

Des Christopher
Owner, Director, & Chief Consultant

Coach Des is a native of Calgary, AB, where he played youth and Junior Hockey. Des attended and played for Minnesota State University (MSUM) from 1995-1998 where he earned team MVP his senior year as well as the Senior Male athlete of the year award. Coach Des played Professional hockey from 1998-2000 in Germany and United States before volunteering as goaltending coach at MSUM from 2000-2009. Together with former goaltending partner, Craig Lindsey, Des formed TGC in 2002. In April 2005 TGC was selected as, and continues to be, the goaltending choice of National Champion Shattuck St. Mary’s (SSM) Prep School in Faribault, MN (TGC provides goaltending consultants to SSM). Over the years, Coach Des has helped numerous goaltending prospects move on to the college and pro ranks, such as: Oscar Dansk (Columbus Blue Jackets, NHL), Kevin Murdock (Lake Superior State University, WCHA), Nick Kossoff (Lake Superior State University, WCHA), Brady Hjelle (Tulsa Oilers, ECHL), Eric Schierhorn (University of Minnestoa, B1G), Austin Lee (Minnesota State University, WCHA), Cole Huggins (Minnesota State University, WCHA), Peter Traber (Harvard University, ECAC), Taylor Crosby (Northeastern University, Hockey East), Tyler Bruggeman (St. Scholastica Saints, NCHA), Anthony Brodeur (Drummondville Voltigeurs, QMJHL).
SSM has captured 22 National Championship's since joining forces with The Goalie Club. The following teams brought home Championship titles over the years:

Girls Prep: 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2016, 2017, 2018
Girls U16: 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Bantam Boys U14: 2014, 2016
Boys Prep U18: 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2014
Boys U16: 2015, 2016
Coach Des owns a Masters Degree in Education Administration and has coached goaltenders for over 25 years. Coach, his wife Liz, and twins Claire and Liam, reside in Mankato, MN with dog Kipper.

Grant Benner
Lead Instructor

Coach Grant is from Apple Valley, MN where he grew up and played youth hockey for Apple Valley, Eastview, and Lakeville's youth hockey associations. He then went on to play 3 years of Varsity hockey at Eastview High School. Grant trained with TGC for 5 years, including 2 years of Prodigy Camp. Since 2006 Grant has been actively involved with TGC, private lessons, Association training and evaluations, summer day and boarding camps, the annual TGC Holiday Camp, and Sunday Skills Sessions. He is a recent graduate of Miami University's Farmer School of Business with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing. Grant will continue to work with youth associations and provide a professional training.

Garrett Jensen

Coach Garrett is from Salinas, California where he grew up playing roller hockey before transitioning to ice hockey at the age of 10 where he played for the Cupertino Cougars and San Jose Jr. Sharks organizations. He then went on to attend and play 4 years at Shattuck St. Mary’s including the Prep team his senior season. Garrett continued playing with two seasons of Junior A hockey for the Alpena Ice Diggers (NAHL) and Northern Cyclones (AJHL) before deciding to pursue a Bachelor of Design degree in Architecture at the University of Minnesota Twin-Cities where he currently attends. Garrett trained with TGC for 6 years, including 4 years at Shattuck with Coach Des and 4 years of Prodigy Camp. Since 2008, Garrett has been actively involved with TGC including private lessons, association training (Hutchinson 2011-2012, Chaska 2012-2013, Owatonna 2012-2013), summer day and boarding camps where he works as on-ice instructor, evaluations of campers, off-ice instructor, and on-ice video analysis of each goalie, and lastly Sunday skills sessions at Shattuck. Garrett will continue to work private lessons, Sunday skills at Shattuck, and with youth associations while providing professional training.

Danny McEnaney

Coach Danny is from Woodbury, MN where he grew up playing in the Woodbury Area Hockey Club as well as spending hours on the outdoor rinks. He went on to play 3 years at Hill Murray, being a part of 2 State Tournament teams. After high school, he went on to play 1 season with the University of St. Thomas. Danny trained for 5 years with Coach Des and The Goalie Club before transitioning to a coach. Since then, Danny has been a coach at multiple summer camps, Sunday Skills Sessions, and private lessons. Away from TGC, Danny is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas with a Bachelor’s degree in International Management.

Jason Windhorn

Coach Jason is from Lakeville Minnesota, where he started playing hockey at the age of 5, with the Lakeville Hockey Association. He made the transition to goaltender after playing hockey for 5 years. For his entire goaltending career, Jason has trained exclusively with TGC for 9 years, with 5 years of Prodigy camp. During his first camp, fellow training partner, and now coach, Isaak Tjaden, gave Jason the nickname of “Kermit” which he is regularly referred to at TGC. At Lakeville North High School, Kermit played one year of 16U, one year of Junior Varsity, and two years of Junior Gold ‘A’. Kermit started coaching at TGC in 2013 with summer camps, seasonal clinics, and private lessons. He currently attends Winona State University, pursuing a degree in Mass Communication, while participating in Cross Country and Club Hockey.

Isaak Tjaden

Coach Isaak, a native of Northfield, Minnesota and started playing hockey at the age of 6 as part of the Northfield Hockey Association. Coach Isaak transition to goalie at the age of 8 and began training with The Goalie Club two years later. Isaak played for Northfield High School for four years making it to the Section 1 A championship his senior year. After high school Coach Isaak moved on to play Junior Hockey first for the Twin Cities Northern Lights (MNJHL) where his team took second in the National Tournament. He also played for the Minot Minotauros (NAHL), El Paso Rhinos (WSHL), and the Billings Bulls (AWHL). Coach Isaak is currently playing hockey at Gustavus Adolphus College where he is working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management. Coach Isaak has trained with The Goalie Club since 2004 and began training in the Prodigy program in 2008. Coach Isaak has been coaching with The Goalie Club since 2012 and is involved with Sunday Skills Sessions, Private Lessons, as well as all summer camps where he works as an on ice instructor, dry land instructor, classroom instructor, and goalie evaluator.

Shari (Vogt) Dickerman
Senior Consultant, Lead Instructor, & Former US National Team Goaltender

Coach Shari, a native of Richmond, MN, is a former USA National Team goaltender and was an alternate for the 2006 Olympics in Turin, Italy. She earned a scholarship and played four years at Minnesota State University-Mankato where she earned MVP honors all four years. She was an All American and a finalist for the Patty Kazmeier trophy for the top female NCAA player in the country. She completed her Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology in 2008 and became an assistant coach of the Girls Prep Team at Shattuck-St. Mary’s School, who won the USA Hockey U19 Girls National Championship in April of 2009. She has worked full time for the past 6 years as assistant coach with her alma mater, the MSUM women's hockey program. Shari has an extraordinary passion toward increasing knowledge of TGC goalies. She continues to develop and improve the innovative, goaltender-specific, off-ice program that is designed to make TGC goalies more explosive, agile, and flexible. Shari began training with Coach Des while at MSUM and is currently assistant coach at Minnesota State University Mavericks.

Additional Instructors

All of TGC's instructors have been trained by Coach Des to use all TGC principals and philosophies and are professional in approach and knowledge.
Will Schlunger, Tyler Bruggeman, Ben Waalkens, Kevin Murdock, Erin Krichiver, Travis Johnson, Alex Lyon, Jorie Walters, Chris Amsden

Q Hockey Night in Mankato

Our Hockey Night in Mankato program will have Mites level 1 and 2 on one end of the ice, and Mites level 3 and 4 on the other end. Both groups will be 4 on 4.We will start with power skating for all players at the start of each practice. Max of 20 players per group. Cost: $115 (jersey included)

If you know you will be absent one day, please inform Coach Des via or text (612) 210-5944 prior to your absence. We will try to find a substitute player. There will be no refunds for missed days.

2020 Schedule

Wed April 22nd - 6:15pm-7:15pm
Mon April 27th - 5:00pm-6:00pm
Mon May 4th - 5:00pm-6:00pm
Mon May 11th - 5:00pm-6:00pm
Mon May 18th - 5:00pm-6:00pm
Wed May 27th - 5:00pm-6:00pm
Mon Aug 10th - 5:00pm-6:00pm
Tues Aug 11th - 5:00pm-6:00pm
Mon Aug 17th - 5:00pm-6:00pm
Mon Aug 24th - 5:00pm-6:00pm

Q Association Goalie Training

TGC Chief Consultant, Coach Des Christopher, is committed to bring the TGC passion to your organization. TGC will Drive or Fly to your home rink and work exclusively with all your goalies in a training camp setting. These Training sessions will depend on availability; most organizations tend to run a weekend camp (Fri-Sun) in the spring after the hockey season is complete. Inquire with Coach Des with your customized training ideas and we will GO FOR IT! (Pricing will vary depending on location).

TGC will travel to your association to provide a customized workout for your association goaltenders. We will offer a 3-1 ratio minimum at these sessions.

Team Practices
TGC will provide a trainer that will travel to your teams scheduled practice time and work with you. Benefits are a flexible schedule and work on your game during a team practice. You must get permission from your coaching staff first.

Tryout Evaluations
Looking for unbiased opinion on ranking and selecting the goalies within your association? TGC will have a qualified staff member attend your tryout selection process to provide an outside look at the goaltenders in your program and rank each of them based on the TGC goaltending criteria. TGC will also conduct a Goalie Skills Session during the tryout process to evaluate each goalies physical skill set. This will allow the coaches and evaluators within your association to receive feedback and input on where your goalies rank from an outside, unbiased goaltending specialist.

Schedule Us Today. Contact Us Now!

Q Discover Goaltending for Mites and Squirts

The Discover Goaltending Program is a learning encounter designed to give mite and squirt age players a chance to try on the pads and receive an introductory lesson in goaltending. By learning the basic fundamentals, a new goaltender’s first in-the-net experience can be more positive, creating more excitement about learning this important position. Contact Coach Des at (612) 210-5944 with any questions!

Association Provides
1-Hour of Ice, Organization, Promotion, Sign-Up, Interested Coaches, Initiative

Player Provides
Skates, Breezers, Helmet, Shoulder & Elbow Pads, Mouth Guard, Enthusiasm

TGC Provides
Legs Pads, Catch Glove & Blocker, Goalie Stick
Jerseys, Instructors, Fun & Excitement

20 minutes instruction on putting on goalie equipment
10 minutes dryland instruction
50 minutes on-ice fundamental instruction

Skating--the shuffle
Positioning & Angles
Stick Saves
Pad Saves
Glove/Blocker Saves
10 minutes fun time TGC Style
You supply the players, we supply the gear!
$30 per player | 20 players per session (max)


Contact Coach Des at (612) 210-5944

Q Goalie Coaching Clinics

Are you a coach who doesn’t have a strong background in goaltending? Need some insight on how to incorporate goalie-specific drills and how to work with the goaltenders on your team? Invite TGC to your association for a TGC Goaltending Coaches Clinic. Qualified TGC staff members will put on a goaltending clinic to provide an overview of the many different aspects of the position. There will be two options available with one including an on-ice demonstration with drills and explanations. Some of the things we will cover include physical traits, basic fundamental and situational skills and movements, incorporating goalies into practice, etc.

Option A
2.5 hour program - 1.5 hour talk time, 1 hour on-ice demonstration

Option B
hour program - 1.5 hour talk time, half hour question & answer session

Q Testimonials


Thanks for an awesome week at goalie camp. Maliah had a blast. She was so happy and thrilled to attend. She really enjoyed her time at camp and would report every day about how she made a sweet helmet save or how she got better with her glove and blocker and new things she learned. I'm grateful you held the camp, we had one happy camper! Chelsie

Chelsie L.


I know you have worked with a lot of high profile goaltenders throughout the years and work daily with some of the nations top kids in your role at SSM, but I want to thank you for for the other kids you have helped.

Isaac started his goalie career 20 months ago when he attended his first Goalie Club Camp. Prior to that Isaac had played his last 8 seasons as a skater. I told him he was crazy for making the change to goaltender his first year of Bantams. He told me he would put in the time and effort it would take.

Fast forward 20 months and Isaac and his Bantam A team from Dodge County made it to the State tournament. I just wanted to say thank you for the time and effort you and your staff put into kids like Isaac.
Dan D.

Hi Coach,

Thanks again for bringing such a great clinic to Missoula, and to provide some feedback, I was asking in the locker room what the kids thought, and the comments ranged from “amazing” to “the best goalie clinic I’ve ever been to”; and from my perspective, I learned some valuable fundamentals that I’ll definitely incorporate into our goalie development at practices (sealing the short side, stick positioning in the reverse VH, chest positioning to name a few). Also, Coach John came up to me afterwards and said that he was watching you teach the exit strategy after stopping the puck behind the net, and he commented how he’d never seen that in all his years and how much sense it made, and I completely agree. At any rate, just wanted to say thanks again and let you know how what a great experience it was learning from you, and hopefully you’ll be back to our area soon.

Dave M.

Hi Des

My daughter Kazhmyr was one of your goalies this Sunday that had lessons. I felt is was important to tell you that I really liked everything that I saw. My daughter worked hard, learned alot and really enjoyed it as well. The coaches did great as well. After the first hour one of them talked to me briefly about Kazhmyr. That was all so great for me to hear what he had to say. Hoping to get some more Sundays up there with you. Thank you again and hope to be back up soon.
Daniel M.

Coach Des,

Thought I’d pass along, Jack had a really fun start in his first Varsity game with Detroit Lakes HS. 10-0 win vs Park Rapid for his first career win and shutout. He only saw 14, but too many of them were breakaways and odd man rush saves. Thanks for all the help and good coaching over the years!

Brian H.

Thanks Des. She really loved the camp! Thanks so much for helping her develop her game.
Jeremy U.

Impressed with the camp. The assessment and written feedback was much better than I’ve seen at other camps. Some of the drills were also not seen previously. Thanks.

Dennis M.

Hey Des,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for all the years of training to help Calen. We had our last reg season game tonight against Lourdes which we won 2-1. Calen is having a great year, and it’s one of Albert Lea’s best seasons ever, he has worked very hard but without you and TGC he wouldn’t have the skill set he has. Just want you to know how much you are appreciated by our family and say “Thanks”.
Matt H.

Dear Coach Des,

Thank you and your team so much for taking care of Ryan this week. It was his first time totally away from home without parent or team parent supervision, so we were nervous. It went better than we hoped.

Chris took some video clips when he picked Ryan up and I have to say, for that third practice on day 5 he looked better than some days when he is rested and caffeinated!

Iris K.

Hello Coach Des,

I hope this message finds you well.

We moved to Anchorage last summer, and Florian tried out for one of the comp teams, the Alaska All Stars U12 Major. He got on the team, and he has had an awesome season.

Lake Superior is playing UAA this weekend, so we decided to check out one of their practices, obviously to see Nick. Florian was excited to see Nick in action. But what really blew his mind is when Nick gave him a Bauer Supreme 2 Pro stick (it just had a little ding)! A priceless gift for a young goalie (see attached pix)! Florian is looking forward to continue working with you.

TGC - let's go for it!

Laurent D.


Your care, encouragement & instruction is always the most important part. My kids are tired, but had a great time & your coaching staff once again rocked!! Thanks again.

Heather M.

Good evening!

Thank you for a great goalie week. Fletcher had a great time and found a love for goaltending. This camp has given him so much confidence. I wasn’t expecting for him to be so sure about playing goalie after this week’s camp.
Sally A.

Coach Dez,

I wanted to let you know about Brennan's first tournament since his camp in late June. That camp was the first extensive formal training that he's ever gotten. Other than that he'd had some skills sessions and whatever the association, his AAA teams, or his brother Easton have been able to do for him.

His Ice Clams team went to the Northern Exposure Tournament in Duluth this weekend and even though the team itself was honestly outclassed, Brennan shined and I'm trying not to sound too much like a proud dad. Both he and I had numerous parents and coaches tell us how great he was doing and what a change they'd seen in him. He generally gets a lot of praise but this was specific saying that he looked like a different goalie out there; always in the right position, challenging shooters, tracking the puck, making glove or blocker saves through heavy traffic. I don't think he had one break away get past him this weekend.

So I just wanted to say that your program made a big impact on him so far.

Eric S.

Coach Des,

Matt SchoephoersterThank you so much for getting Matt ready for the Fall AAA season. Attached is an article in Let’s Play Hockey on his team and their 1st place finish in the tourney. The tourney started on the Friday of your Prodigy Goalie Clinic that Matt attended this year. Highlighted is the part where he was voted MVP. You and your coaches done good with this goalie!

All the best

Randy S.


Just a quick note to let you know how much Dylan enjoyed training with you, and his entire experience this summer. Dylan has played some games in the past couple weeks, including playing up, and with a team from New Brunswick. He has been absolutely dialed in. Tip of the cap to you on that!

Douglas S.

I want to thank you so much. My son Carter attended your goalie program at Shattuck last week and I am so impressed by the way things went and how much he learned and was still able to have fun.

Anthony M.

Our son Tyler trained with you a few years back. Tyler played for Monticello and had a great [State 1A ] tournament.

Thanks for everything you taught him when he was younger. He needed every bit of it. He has never found another person he has truly enjoyed working with.

Jeff K.

Fantastic! Max SOOOO enjoys these sessions. We use it as a reward for other behavior.

I also wanted to give you some feedback on your coaches. Max has so much respect for coach Isaac. He provides clear, understandable instruction, plenty of positive reinforcement and doesn't let the players slack off. The practices are well organized with consistent warm ups and stretching (which Max uses in his regular practice and games) followed by station work with immediate and constructive feedback.

Max is young but we can see the results of these sessions in his regular play. He has greater focus, more refined technique and is building a solid foundation on which to develop his skills.

Thank you for running a great program.

Terry L.

Hi Des,

I hope Riley can continue to train with TGC on a regular basis to retain and build on the skills he has learned at TGC and implement them during the hockey season. I wanted to tell you that the TGC camp Riley attended at Shattuck was pivotal for him. I saw him mature, gain confidence and he found a real sense of belonging with other goalies. Training with all goaltenders and goaltenders of all ages was something I recognize as an important aspect for Riley's development.


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