The Goalie Guru


The Goalie Guru is a performance-enhancing grip aid that legally attaches to your paddle to drastically improve stick control and comfort for goalies of all ages and play styles.

Are you ready to build confidence, say goodbye to misguided rebounds, and take your game to the next level?

Get The Goalie Guru and Get a Grip on Goaltending!



The Goalie Guru Founder, Corey Brenner, knew his goalie stick needed an improvement, so he decided to create one. From early prototypes made of rocks and tape to our current product made of high-performance injection molded urethane, The Goalie Guru has come a long way.


Our mission is to help goalies of all ages and skill levels to improve their game by fostering better grip and rebound control.
Just as the sport of hockey eventually accepted the benefit of a curved blade, we hope that in time, The Goalie Guru grip aid will be an incorporated piece of all major goalie sticks.

Routines are only as good as the results they create, so what’s keeping yours from excellence?

Get a Grip on Goaltending with The Goalie Guru.


Our ambidextrous grip aid is made right at home in the USA to support local jobs, economies, and hockey communities.
We have youth hockey partnerships in Minnesota, California, Massachusetts, and Maryland.


“This is a great teaching tool for younger goalies.” — Matt White, Founder, Goalie Nation

“I’ve been using The grip for the past few seasons and love how it keeps my hand flat and in place. It’s awesome!” — Ray Q, Mite Goaltender

“Installation directions were straightforward and simple, easiest thing I’ve ever done.” — Aaron, H, U14 AAA

“It’s supposed to control deflecting of pucks, reduce vibrations, and overall give a much more improved feel for the game. I found ALL OF THIS to be true.” — Travis Ridgen “Trav4,” KJHL

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Q How it works

How It Works

Ambidextrous: Due to its evenly sloped shape, it can be attached for Righties OR Lefties.

Compatible: Attaches seamlessly to all modern paddles regardless of material, model, or coating.

Fully-Customized: Can be placed at a variety of angles and locations based on your personal grip preference.

Powerful: The Goalie Guru provides comfortable grip support which assists with rebound control and shock absorption in more advanced goaltenders while developing technique and muscle memory in novice goalies.

Easy: Stop wasting hours with grip tape and a hack saw. Our ambidextrous grip aid uses a powerful adhesive to attach almost instantly and ships with everything you need for easy installation.

Have you ever sent out a bad rebound, been too slow on a poke check, or taken a stinger from a hard shot to the paddle?

The Goalie Guru is the grip you’ve been searching for!

Q Installation

The Goalie Guru Ambidextrous Grip Aid is customized to fit your hand, stick, and style of play.
It comes complete with directions, an industrial adhesive, and everything you need for installation.

Key Points:
-Determine grip position and mark as necessary before applying glue.
-Place a thin layer of glue up to the edges of the rubber grip aid.
-Press the rubber grip aid down firmly for no less than 45 seconds before allowing glue to harden.
-Allow no less than 20 minutes for glue to harden before usage. (60 minutes recommended)

For more information, check out our full installation video through the video tab.

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